3.2.0 - Updates for Betaflight 3.5.0

3.1.0 - Standalone app

3.0.0 - Standalone app

2.5.13 - Minor Fixes

2.5.12 - Minor Fixes

2.5.11 - Minor Fixes

2.5.10 - Minor Bug Fixes

2.5.9 - Minor Bug Fixes

Observations during BF3.1.0 Release Candidate Testing.

2.5.8 - DShot Logging and Minor Bug Fixes

Some fixes in response to user observations.

2.5.7 - Minor Bug Fixes and Feature Improvements


Log file extension

BB Viewer attempts to determine the file type you are opening by examining the file extension first. Where no file extension is used in the name, then BB Viewer will guess the type of file; which is usually fine for small log files (<10MB).

For log files larger than 10MB, then BB Viewer guesses they are video files and tries to load it (and fails because it is not a video)

So as a tip, it's best to use a file extension when you save your logs.

The file extensions that are automatically recognised are: -

If it is not one of those extensions, it takes a guess on the type by file size (if file-size < 10MB then Log file else its a video);

Mousewheel Improvements

As you are probably already aware, scrolling the mouse wheel whilst the mouse pointer is over the graph will move the timeline forwards and backwards: -

But now, thanks to suggestions from Joshua Bardwell, the mouse wheel functionality has been extended... With the mouse pointer over a field in the graph legend...

With the mouse pointer over the field group heading and then scrolling the mouse-wheel will adjust all fields within the group at the same time.

Finally, if you "click" the middle mouse button, then the dynamic settings go back to the values you first set in the graph config dialog when choosing the fields. Again, clicking on a single field will reset just that field, clicking on the group header will reset all pens within the group.

So it is no longer necessary to keep going into the graph config dialog to adjust the values; just use the mouse wheel...

The smoothing, zooming and expo dynamic changing above do not affect workspaces so you can always go back to your preferred settings by re-selecting the workspace.

You will also notice now that to scroll the whole page using the mouse-wheel, you must move the pointer off both the graph and legend areas (e.g move the pointer to the toolbar area and then scroll the wheel.


2.5.6 - Some minor field name relabelling.

2.5.5 - Minor code cleanups and re-scaling of rate calculations (for Betaflight v3.0.0 RC12).

2.5.4 - Mainly User Interface Tweaks.

2.5.3 - Patch Update for Notch Filter Widths

2.5.2 - Minor Bug Fixes and Analyser Tweaks

Some fixes and modifications resulting from user suggestions.

2.5.1 - Header Updates and New Analyser

This is a maintenance release.

2.5.0 - Grids, INAV Header Support and Stick Trails.

New Features

Now also available in chrome store!

Some New Features and minor code cleanups

Notes on Grid Background

By default, no grids are shown on the graphs.

To add a grid background to the chart, 'ALT' Click the graph field name that you want the grid to show for.

To select another field to show the grid for, 'ALT' click another field.

To remove the grid, 'ALT' click the field again (it is a toggle).

Grid settings are workspace aware, so you can have different configurations for each workspace. (Just save the workspace after you have setup the grid display).

With grids shown, pressing the 'G' key will toggle the grid display on/off globally so that you can quickly hide the grid.

The lines on the grid represent 100ms time slots and each horizontal gridline represents 20% of the range of the signal. It makes it easier to see how the expo setting for the graph emphasises the centre section of the graph.

Other Changes prior to 2.5.0