The Cobra Project
Component based Routing Architecture
for Linux 2.4+

Developer: Amir Guindehi
Core Team: Amir Guindehi, Ralph Keller, Lukas Ruf

Development Time Tracking

Date Time What
    ... I stopped logging the times ...
10.04.2001 1 Added rp_LOG
02.04.2001 2 Added router plugin module loading to libipt_RP.c, fixed hashing and implemented router plugin target dispatcher
29.03.2001 2 code shuffle, _IPT_RP_ghash define in ipt_RP.h
28.03.2001 4 rp_unregister(), ghash.h usage
27.03.2001 5 rp_register() and rp_init(), rp_exit() define, moved code to rp.h, made typdef for target functions
26.03.2001 2 rp_init(), rp_exit() define
23.03.2001 7 Finished libipt_RP.c. Began rp_TEST.c, it loads. Added CONFIG_IP_NF_RP_DEBUG and extended and Everything looks fine. Made a lot thoughts about configuration of RP modules
22.03.2001 6 I've finished the ipt_RP module. Since I can not check it without the shared library for iptables I wrote that one too. It source file is named libipt_RP.c. I've finished and compiled it. The two modules and the shared library work perfectly together.
22.03.2001 5 Configured and added cobra mailing list, began hacking ipt_RP.c and ipt_RP.h the new target for plugin dispatching. Changed Ralph's and Lukas's email adress to <user>
22.03.2001 1.5 Converted web pages to template based pages, added a Email Digest Page
22.03.2001 4 Added iptables-1.2 to compile suite and Makefile targets. Added lots of DEBUGP()'s in iptable_rp.c and enabled DEBUG_* in iptables.c to see Rusty's debug outputs...
21.03.2001 2 Fixed iptable_rp.c, new the module loads and unloads! it registers the new rp table in netfilter!
21.03.2001 7.5 Phone with Ralph, looked into LXR, patched Makefile,,, I can now compiled the module, fixed compilation errors for iptable_rp.c, the module builts but it does not yet initialize
20.03.2001 4 Added LXR (a source and identifier browser), wrote net/ipv4/netfilter/iptable_rp.c
20.03.2001 2.5 Meeting with Ralph and Lukas, discussion about the second project with them, eventually I will implement the active plugin part also (loding plugins over the network)
20.03.2001 3 Spell checked Webpages, updatet them, looked through the source to find out where to begin, patched /linux-2.4.2/include/linux/sem.h to use 256 semaphores and more ops (oracle needs this)
19.03.2001 5 Kernel runs on xcore, added new network card with working driver under 2.4.2 (ne2k-pci), the tlan.o driver crashes the box, now we are ready to do some kernel hacking, checked in iptables-1.2 as vendor branch, added Lukas Ruf to the core team
19.03.2001 4 Kernel compile session number two, new that f*** thingy boots, it seems that i have to disable sound and usb support! ipv6 is compiled in
18.03.2001 3 Kernel compile session, still do not have a working kernel, switching pack to old config, it still does not boot, crashes after decompression... i don't know why!
18.03.2001 4 Upgraded cvs from 1.10.8 to 1.11 because of crashing bug on checking, still can't create anonymus cvs user with password, my own account works through, installed and configured 2.4.2 kernel, looked through all options, checked in kernel source (yeah Ralph, locally it's fast enough) as a vendor branch
18.03.2001 3 CVS setup and initial checkin, Time Tracking page, Webserver move to,
added cvsweb.cgi for web browsing, added lot of cvs documentation to webpage
16.03.2001 4 Meeting with Ralph, targets definition, documentation review
15.03.2001 2 Webserver design and setup

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