The Cobra Project
Component based Routing Architecture
for Linux 2.4+

Developer: Amir Guindehi
Core Team: Amir Guindehi, Ralph Keller, Lukas Ruf


Status What
DONE Add reconfiguration over /proc/net/rp_status
DONE Add /proc/net/rp_instance for --autoinstance
DONE add /proc filesystem output and /proc filesystem configuration input to rp.h and rp_*.c
DONE add --config config flag to iptables and use it in rp.h and rp_*.c
pending Find out why CVS does not accept users in CVSROOT/passwd except user amir
pending Solve all problems of mankind...
DONE 02.04 Design a router plugin framework
DONE 02.04 Design the router plugin dispatcher
DONE 27.03 Find out how to call a function in a standalone module which was loaded
DONE 02.04 Find out how to load a module
DONE 26.03 Find out how to write a standalone module
DONE 22.03 Find out how to extend netfilter with a new kernel module for the new target
DONE 23.03 Find out how to extent iptables with a new shared library for the new kernel module
DONE 22.03 Compile the userspace iptable binary to play around with the new modules
DONE 21.03 Find out how to extend netfilter with a new kernel module for the new table
DONE Add a kernel source and identifier browser (i need this to lookup identifiers and functions)
DONE Spell check web pages
DONE Setup development/test box, probably, have to check if the box is fast enough
DONE patch linux-2.4.2/include/linux/sem.h to allow 256 semaphores and more ops for Oracle (standard for our kernels)
DONE Find out why xcore crashes with 2.4.2 as soon as I load the tlan.o ethernet driver
DONE Check new Target Description received today 19.03.2001
DONE Check in iptables source as vendor branch
DONE Check in kernel source as vendor branch
DONE Get and compile new 2.4.2 kernel
DONE Find out why linux-2.4.2 crashes on decompression in my configuration
DONE Design Webserver

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