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UAVP-NG: A new Picture Gallery


Hello everybody!

I finally found the time to sort through some of my pictures and present them nicely on the network! I'm using fgallery, a static photo gallery generator with no frills that has a stylish, minimalist look.


You can find the new gallery here! I've added pictures back to 2012 and I will add more over the next weeks. You can find a archive download link at the top of the gallery page.

I hope you enjoy the new gallery as much as I do!

New UAV Map


I've just added the World Wide UAV Map to my blog. On that map we record the locations of airborne UAVs.

Feel free to add yourself to the map if you built a UAV and got it airborne! Please note that this map is visible to everybody, so if you have privacy concerns please just don't add yourself.

The map is shared with the site and

Blog Update


Dear reader!

After a long time I finally found the time to update my blog software to the newest version in preparation of writing new articles. I'm using MovableType 4.1 now and after some fiddeling with it's template system I was able to import all of my old articles into the new system. The domain also jumped webserver. The new server offers more cpu power and diskspace.

Furthermore I found out that more and more UAV developers are using blogs. Claymore and Crossfire are blogging here, Hans has a blog here and Speedy has a blog over there.

As you all know I went silent for quite some time now.You probably all can imagine that we were not lazy hanging around, but started doing some serious developing.

I will tell you more about our new projects in my next articles.

To leak the news: The race for the best UAV goes on... :)

- Amir

My first blog entry

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After lurking in the network for a long time I decided that I need my own blog as well. It seems to me that the bloggersphere starts to get so big, nobody is able to ignore it anymore...

So here it is!

My own weblog and my first blog entry... not much content yet, I agree, but this will change hopefully and anyway, I need a first post to be able to play with the software.



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