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Microdrone at CCC


As every year Axel and I were in Berlin end of last year for the yearly CCC Congress 22C3 held by the Chaos Computer Club.

We visited Berlin for all 4 days the congress took place and tried to visit as many talks as possible. The talks were hold in 4 rooms, so we did not have a chance to visit them all - more than two talks at the same time you can't follow even with video streams of all four rooms...

In one of the talks a live Microdrone produced by Microdrones GmbH got presented!

It was very impressive to see this thingy fly inside the congress using GPS and a lot of other sensors. I was able to test it's GPS position-hold function and was very impressed. I think this woke my interest in QuadroCopters which resulted in my own project to build a autonomous drone for myself today.

If the above picture made you curious and you would like to dig deeper into the topic of autonomous drones, you could take a look at the talk held at CCC. The talk was called "Drones - Autonomous flying vehicles" and can be downloaded.

If you're start getting really interested in QuadroCopters or UAVs, then take a look at the UAVP Site. Several interested developers meet there to discuss and exchange their ideas and present their solutions.



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