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UAVP-NG: A new Picture Gallery


Hello everybody!

I finally found the time to sort through some of my pictures and present them nicely on the network! I'm using fgallery, a static photo gallery generator with no frills that has a stylish, minimalist look.


You can find the new gallery here! I've added pictures back to 2012 and I will add more over the next weeks. You can find a archive download link at the top of the gallery page.

I hope you enjoy the new gallery as much as I do!

My own UAVP: Part 18 - In the press!


I have to tell you hot news: Yesterday a picture of my UAVP got printed in the press!

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heinrich Warmers of the HS Bremen invited to a QC convention in Bremen. He asked me if I could provide a good UAVP picture for an article in the local press covering the QC convention. I offered him all my archives including the pictures from the QC convention in Regenstauf and by chance he choose a nice picture of my UAVP.

But see for yourself:

As you can read in the text we did not get mentioned even trough Heinrich told the authors that it's a UAVP. On the other hand the Paparazzi project was mentioned, which is another open source project implementing QC favored by Heinrich and his team.

We finally came round to dig through our pictures made at the Quadrocopter convention in Regenstauf.

My brother and I joined the Quadrocopter convention in Germany on Saturday around midday after having driven 450km to Regenstauf, a village near Regensburg. At first we visited Cadmium's lab, where we meet Wolfgang and a lot other folk of the QC szene. Later that day, around 18:00, we went to a sports hall where everybody sent his QC into the the air.

As you can see on the photos, a lot of different projects and different UFO designs joined the convention. It was great fun to see them all flying!

Direct Link to the album: UAVP - Treffen Regenstauf

The convention in Regstauf was really great stuff and every km we had to drive was worth it!

My own UAVP: Part 16 - More Flying Pictures


We did some more test flights with our cam onboard our UAVP. I think we did some good air pictures and I wouldn't let you miss these!

Again we mounted a Canon Powershot S50 directly under the UAVP. It had no servo support or anything and was turned by 45 degrees so that the landing gear wasn't showing on the picture as before. I talked about this in my last blog entry.

I've explored Picasa (the Google thingy) a bit and this is a first test of placing the pictures on the picasa webserver.

Let's see how this works out:

Direct Link to the album: UAVP - Second In-Flight Pictures

Another movie I would like to show you is our first near-night flight while making a small movie.

We started in with the last light and then flew until our batteries were empty. In the end it's really dark and one can observe our 3x 3W Luxeon LEDs in full colors... :)

Get the Flash Plugin to see this movie.

Direct link: Download the FLV Movie (33.5MB), Download the WMV Movie (71.1MB)



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