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After a very long time I finally found the time to rewrite my blog software! I decided to check out the newest W3C standards and discovered the new CSS Grid Layout Module. What a great extention to the W3C Web Standards! Having read the new standard I immediately fell in love with the new features!

The CSS Grid module defines a two-dimensional grid-based layout system, optimized for user interface design. In the grid layout model, the children of a grid container can be positioned into arbitrary slots in a predefined flexible or fixed-size layout grid. If you are interested in the CSS Grid module, check out the Grid By Example Website. The new CSS Grid module is supported by all modern browsers.

Having discovered this nice new W3C standard, I could not hold back and decided the redesign my blog. While doing that I developed a new CSS Grid based non-framework for websites. The new non-framework uses Server Side Includes (SSI) and CSS Grid to implement a static website with minimal JavaScript and no dynamic parts. This greatly reduces the attack surface of the blog software and allows me to sleep well without having to update my blog software daily.

The new structures allow me to write my blog posts in plain HTML or Markup while being able to add posts to the blog roll as well as add single pages containing arbitrary content.

I hope that I was able to convert all the old blog data to the new structured format while keeping all links intakt. Please send me a note, when you find a broken link!

- Amir

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