Race Drone: Throttle Curve and First Matty Flips
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I crashed my Chameleon race drone terribly while doing a near ground roll two weeks ago. The hard crash broke my Chameleon's bottom plate and one arm has gone limp. When trying to fly in this state you get a steady vibrations and a strange sound which does not give much confidence. I stopped tring to fly it in this state.

Luckily my Chameleon has Armattan's life long frame warranty which I activated by sending them some pictures of my broken frame. Armattan's support staff confirmed that the part is under warranty and after having done some scratches on the old frame they sent me a coupon for use in their webshop. There I was able to order a new bottom plate while only paying for shipping by using the coupon.

I received the new bottom plate last week and I was finally able to fix my Chameleon during the last weekend. Changing the bottom place of my Chameleon was a lot of work, it essentially meant to rebuild the whole thing.

During the time when I was rebuilding my Chameleon we discussed setting up a throttle curve on my drones. The idea came up since we fly only 5S batteries nowadays. This gives us a lot of punch and less battery sag but also reduced throttle resolution. A throttle curce enhances the resolution in the hover and flying throttle ranges while using a linear (steeper than normal) curve above that. This results in more (linear!) resolution in the range where we normally fly while keeping a (still linear!) but steeper feeling above that.

Below you can see my definition for my throttle curve:

The result was spectacular: I was able to cruise at a lot lower altitude than normal without any issues with throttle control. It really seems that having 5S power results in a bit less throttle control in lower power ranges which can be neutred by enhancing resolution with a throttle curve.

Ah, and not to forget: Did you notice that the corn field behind our flying field was reaped? This allows us access to the trees behind the field resulting in a lot more of adventure airspace.

FPV || Throttle Curve, First Matty Flips, A Newly Reaped Field and Accessible Trees
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Last but not least I finally did my first experimental Matty Flips and I think I succeeded in doing one or two of them without crashing. More training is needed...

Update: I've added a picture of my throttle curve definition on my FrSky X9E to the text above.

- Amir

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