Race Drone: My X210 Freestyle Drone
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Sometimes folks ask me, what parts I use on my freestyle drones and the last time that happened I promised I would write some blog articles describing my actual fleet. In this first article I will describe the very first first race drone I've ever built but which I fly - rebuilt multiple times - to the present day.

The X210 was my first race drone. I built it the first time in summer 2017, after having flown another X210 together with my brother and we both decided that we both need a copter for our own.

I essentially rebuilt my brother's X210 using the same or nearly identical parts as he did. The drone performed really well over the last year and I still like to fly it, as it's the lightest 5" copter I have.

Let's check out the parts I've used in this drone build:

The drone essentially consists of clone parts from Bangood combined with some original parts from Runcam and Frsky. This makes it very cheap, exactly what you need as a beginner. As you can see the link for the flight control points to a german shop. I would propose to buy the flight controller and BLC from a respectable shop in Europe to make sure they are built with a certain amount of quality control.

I have to mention that we are not really happy with the above cheap BLC from Banggood. We had 4 of them in total of which 3 have developed a defect after some time. I must mention that we are operating them outside of their specs. They are specified to be 4S capable, not 5S. But we flew them with 5S all the time. I'm pretty sure this did not really help. In the meantime we switched mostly to Typhoon 4in1 BLCs which are 6S capable.

Besides the drone build these are some of the accessories I've used with it:

As you can see I'm using 5S 95C LiPo batteries with this setup. The drone flys with 4S 95C batteries as well but I've become so used to the plentiful power the 5S batteries deliver that I don't to miss it anymore. I'm also very happy with the iSDT charger. iSDT makes some nice and cheap chargers, my brother and I own 4 of them in total.

Make sure to check out my article on my race drone backpack and it's contents, including my modified box goggle!

- Amir

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