Race Drone: Forest Road Ripping on 6S High kV
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Yesterday we got wonderful weather and my brother and I went out for some forest road ripping and longer range flying. We did more than 10 flights on that day and we had so much fun!

FPV || Forest Road Ripping on 6S high kV
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As you can see my new Chameleon TI setup with 6S 95C batteries and Emax LS2207 2400kV performs outstanding! I love to fly this rig! There's so much power and torque, it's fantastic to fly.

We are using the HQProp DP 5.1x4.6x3 props on our 6S rig and it seems they are able to keep up with the power. There's essentially no prop flex with throttle limited to 80%.

We are able to fly this rig on 5S and 6S batteries. I think I will have to try out some 120C 4S Lipo next, for close range and proximity flying. Let's hope they can keep up with the needs of these LS2207 motors.

- Amir

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