Race Drone: My Backpack
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In my last post I promised to present my race drone backpack. To fulfill that promise I made some pictures of my backpack last time we were out to fly. I am able to pack all my gear in one - relatively heavy - backpack which I'm able to carry where ever I want to fly.

The gear I am able to take with me in that backpack are:

  • FrSky X9E remote control
  • Modded Eachine VR D2 pro box goggles
  • Lots of different repair gear
  • Spare propellers inside the gear pouch in the lid of the bag
  • A LiPo bag containing all my batteries
  • A iSDT SC-608 charger together with a parallel charge board with fuses
  • My 3 race drones:
    • X210 with Emax 2205 motors, 5S battery and 5" 5040 propellers
    • Chameleon with Emax 2306 motors, 5S battery and 5" 5045 Cyclon propellers
    • GEPRC with Brotherhobby Tornado 1407 motors, 4S battery and 3" 3045 Cyclon propellers
  • An accessory bag with:
    • 2 Runcam3 HD cams
    • Nexus 5 Android device for USB receiver
    • USB Receiver for visitors
    • A handful of pagoda antennas
    • Cables and more small stuff

As you can see in the long list above, there's actually 3 rigs of race drones together with everything you need to fly and repair the drone in that backpack.

Now you probably wonder how big this all gets. Let me show you... this is the backpack:

Below the FrSky X9E remote control the LiPo bag is situated: There are the 3 race drones in there, packed together: And last but not least there are my modified Eachine VR D2 box goggles: As you can see I modified them heavily. The modded goggles now have a audio plug where I can plug in my head set and I extended the length of the box google to accomodate for my old eyes which don't like to focus on a picture too narrow.

In the meantime, since these pictures were made, I modified a head set to only have one earphone and a short cable. Please don't be irritated that the goggles only have one antenna mounted, the second one is in the bag and gets mounted before each flight.

I am very happy with all these modifications as I did not yet find other goggles I like.

- Amir

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