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Dear reader!

After a long time I finally found the time to update my blog software to the newest version in preparation of writing new articles. I'm using MovableType 4.1 now and after some fiddeling with it's template system I was able to import all of my old articles into the new system. The domain also jumped webserver. The new server offers more cpu power and diskspace.

Furthermore I found out that more and more UAV developers are using blogs. Claymore and Crossfire are blogging here, Hans has a blog here and Speedy has a blog over there.

As you all know I went silent for quite some time now.You probably all can imagine that we were not lazy hanging around, but started doing some serious developing.

I will tell you more about our new projects in my next articles.

To leak the news: The race for the best UAV goes on... :)

- Amir

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