I'm not alone... :)
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Up to now I invested nearly a day into my blog. This resulted in 1 small blog entry and a lot of blog software configuration, the writing of new style templates and configuring feeds.

A cheese sandwich Blogging seems to be a lot of fun... :)

Looking around on the network I already found two friends of mine who seem also to have blogs setup. I have to mention that it was Bernhard Seefeld's blog on which I read an interesting article about the ref-nofollow microformat and Google because another friend of mine pointed me to it, inspired me to finally setup my own blog.

Later on I discovered Christian Weber's blog which seems to have died around 2003... It looks like Chris discussed the sense and nosense of blogs already back in 2003 and discovered that his need for a blog was not enough to drive him to post new entrys... Let's see how long my own blog survives. :)

[two hours later]

Ok,talkback web accesses were the cause of the 3min delay when I saved my second blog entry!

After studying talkback mechanisms it should work now! I had to setup a transparent proxy since my blog software seems to be too dumb to always use the configured proxy. A small iptables rule fixed that by redirecting port 80 traffic to port 3128 of my proxy.

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