My own UAVP: Part 13 - First Bluetooth UAVP?
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As I wrote in my last blog we got our IOGEAR Class 1 Bluetooth Serial Adaptors. Cracking the case was easy and within minutes the bare board lay before us.

At first we paired it with our PC and got a COM43 as our Bluetooth COM port. We then first tested the adapter with the power supply and our proven RS232 cable. We were able to receive the startup message of the UAVP but we were not able to send characters to it at first.

A short investigation showed that the adaptor needs RTS and CTS connected to be able to send characters to a device. So we soldered a new SUB-D-9 plug with RTS and CTS connected. Using this plug the connection worked perfectly and we were able to control the command line of the UAVP via Bluetooth!

In detail it looks like this:

Sadly UAVPSet, the great configuration software Thorsten wrote for us, only shows COM1 to COM9 and seems not to be able to use COM43. I wrote Thorsten about this and I hope he will be able to fix this. It would be very cool to be able to flash via Bluetooth!

Later on we mounted the adaptor (back in his case) to the UAVP:

We also expect a lot of knowledge from debugging information captured while flying via Bluetooth!

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