My own UAVP: Part 9 - It's back in the air!
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We completed the last flights for today. I can say, we are back in the air!

Setting the gier integral value to zero worked wonder! Everything is back to normal and as long as you do not make too great movements with the sticks everything works fine.

It seems that the new software version 3.12 has problems with large stick movements so I switched on the "Specky-Bit" which reduces nick and roll signal to half the normal maximum.

Today I was able to complete my testflights without loosing a propeller!

Now watch my newest testflights:

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Direct link: Download the FLV Movie, Download the WMV Movie (5.1MB)

As you can see it's stable enough again to try some outdoor flights. Sadly the weather seems to play bad and we hope to be able to fly outside to the end of the week.

Now that our UAVP fly again, eventually we can try to work on the software. I have several ideas I would like to try to implement. Attitude stabilization, coordinate translations using the compass, throttle adjustments and special throttle courves, GPS support, it all should be possible...

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