My own UAVP: Part 17 - QC Convention in Regenstauf
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We finally came round to dig through our pictures made at the Quadrocopter convention in Regenstauf.

My brother and I joined the Quadrocopter convention in Germany on Saturday around midday after having driven 450km to Regenstauf, a village near Regensburg. At first we visited Cadmium's lab, where we meet Wolfgang and a lot other folk of the QC szene. Later that day, around 18:00, we went to a sports hall where everybody sent his QC into the the air.

As you can see on the photos, a lot of different projects and different UFO designs joined the convention. It was great fun to see them all flying!

Here you can see some impressions of the event which happened on the 21.03.2009: QuadCopter Meeting in Regenstauf

The convention in Regstauf was really great stuff and every km we had to drive was worth it!

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