QuadCopter? QuadCopter!
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Did you ever see a QuadCopter fly? It rocks!

A QuadCopter or UAVP (Universal Aerial Video Platform) looks like this:


One nearly can't belive that such a construct is able to lift into the air! Modern electronic is able to implement impressing reaction times which are needed for such an enterprise!

Such a QuadCopter needs to update the motor power 100 to 300 times per second (100 to 300Hz) to be able to fly stable. This means the electronic has to do a measurement on all sensors all 10ms to 3ms!

Imagine... such a QuadCopter construct is inherently instable!

It's hanging in the air on 4 propellers each driven by it's own motor. The construct, the motors, the propellers - neighter is exactly the same but still the electronics has to be able to compensate and to drive the motors in such a way that the whole construct stands still in the air!

To make my point, take a look at the following small movie, showing a X3D QuadCopter starting and flying some rounds above a field...

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Direct link: Download the FLV Movie

I like the idea so much, that i decided to build my own QuadCopter, preferable using a real embedded Linux system on the QuadCopter.

That would allow for a lot of new features, like monitoring the fly parameters via a shell connection using bluetooth as well as logging those parameters. Furthermore it would allow to write the control in software and exchange it with friends easily.

Expect more information and an update to my own construction plans soon!

Today Hammer released another small movie showing the agility of his UAVP. He's playing indoor with fast attitude changes which can play bad games with stability...

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