Beware of MarcusUAV!
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... or better "About Modern UAV Sales Managers".

Being head developer of the UAVP-NG project I receive a lot of emails. Some of them are really nice to read, some of them are questions easy to answer and some of them are question better not asked, because they were explained in detail over and over in the forums.

Sometimes I also receive emails from commercial UAV enterprises.

Yesterday I received an email I would like to share with you all. The Sales Manager of MarcusUAV contacted me and asked if we would promote his product on our pages please.

I answered that I do not understand why we should promote a commercial UAV of unknown quality as we are a direct competitor to their market.

Now read for yourself how the MarcusUAV Sales Representative reacted to my answer:

Subject: Marcus UAV Greetings
Date: Tue, June 24, 2008 2:46 am
To: Amir Guindehi

Hi Corey,

Hello, I am Corey Zeimen, Sales Manager from Marcus UAV. We are a manufacturer of UAV's for the civilian market.

Nice to hear from you.

Go fuck yourself you douche bag.

We would like to offer you a wholesale discount if you were to promote our website on your homepage.

I don't understand why we should be interested in promoting your UAV?

So somebody that wants to slam out a business can have a UAV shipped to them.

We are developing an Open Source UAV ourselfes and we are a direct competitor to your product. Our product will be free for everyone.

Oh yea? Send us one of your planes to sample

This discount is very large, and you stand to make a substantial profit from even one UAV sale.

We are not interested in profit.

Can I borrow $1000?

A link exchange can also be made possible. We can discuss terms, as we are open to a variety of things.

I don't think we are interested. I can't see any gain in promoting a commercial foreign UAV of unknown quality.

Are you a professor? I expect you to be

Suck My Balls,

Corey Zeimen,
Sales Manager

I would like to warn you! As you can read the representatives from MarcusUAV are not up to the task. They seem not to know how regular business works and seem more than primitive in their language. I don't think a respectable business sales manager would talk to customers as seen above.

Everybody searching reliable and competent business partner for commercial UAVs should look into the direction of AscTec Technologies for proven reliable UAVs or towards DataCore GmbH if you would like to have something custom made for your enterprise.

Please do yourself a favor and ignore companies like MarcusUAV who are not even up to the task to talk to customers. Guys laughing about the status of a professor will not have the needed professional knownledge and experience to build a successful commercial UAV anyway...

Last but not least according to this page Corey Zeimen seems to be the CEO of MarcusUAV as well.

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