UAVP-NG: The new Mini-NG - a full NG on 5.5x5.5cm
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Hello everybody!

It has been a while since my last post, again. In the meantime we survived winter and had a lot of fun at the 27c3, the yearly CCC Congress in Berlin.

Spring is coming - and as every year, we need something new to play with... ;)

The new Mini-NG hardware has arrived!

Over winter time Volker redesigned our original HW-0.22 into a HW-0.22-mini. The new hardware is fully feature compatible to the old one, is running the normal NGOS and was shrunk to a size of 5.5cm x 5.5cm on 4 layers!

The RC-Controller was moved to a small separate PCB so that only folks needing additional DSL channels or servo channels will have to use it. The functions of the SB-Controller are provided by the LPC itself.

Here are the first shots of the PCBs...

Top side:


And bottom side:


Next, we will test the new PCBs and should everything work out, we will make them available in the NG Shop. Please note that the boards need to have a LISL acceleromenter directly soldered to the board. This means you need hot air to solder it by youself.

Our first Mini-NG prototype was airborne in december 2010 at the 27c3 congress!

A fully assembled HW-0.22-mini (this is our prototype which was airborne at 27c3) looks like this (courtesy of KeyOz):


Volker did a great job and the new Mini-NG looks nice and cute (at least for my humble eyes)!

We hope to be able to provide Mini-NGs with pre-soldered LISL and eventually even with pre-soldered LISL and ADXRS620 gyros in limited numbers in the NG Shop.

Check the NG Forum for Project News on that.

- Amir

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