My own UAVP: Part 4 - First Testflights
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It flies! It flies!

But let's start at the beginning...

After having built our UAVP as described in my last article, today we fixed the last problems and did the first testflights indoors!

Everything went well after we fixed some bad soldering on Taarek's board and after having found out that one of the sensors of my own board was not sitting streight.

We made a small movie showing Taarek's UAVP flying in my living room:

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Direct link: Download the FLV Movie

Then finally, when it was nearly dark, we went out for the first outdoor testflight! There was barly enough light to make some camara pictures and so we failed to put the first outdoor flight on movie tape... :(

But to give you an insight in what went on, take a look at these outdoor pictures!

My own UAVP stands ready for it's first integral outdoor flight:

And up it went! As you can see it really flies:

And it can gain height quite fast, I was astonished myself:

And here you see Taarek's UAVP standing ready for it's first real outdoor testflight:

And it jumped into the air as well:

Then we needed to change our location since it was too dark for unexperienced pilots like us. We went up to the street, where there's some light from the street lamps.

Taarek successfully completed several flights near the street in front of the next building:

These first testflights were very successfull and showed the considerable potential of these UAVP constructs!

We were astonished about their ability to gain height within a very short time and about their considerable agility in the air. They are so agile that we even feared several times to crash accidentally against trees, buildings and the like, just because we could not assess how fast the UAVPs change direction, height or orientation.

Be sure to hear more about our next flights in my next blog entry!

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